Question 23

Tony Anthony actually had a happy childhood and was not raised in China. It has already been proven that he went to school in the UK. Is this true?

No.  This has not been proven.  The “opinion that Tony Anthony had a normal childhood in the London area, attending Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, Eagans Close, Market Place, East Finchley, London N2 8GA as a child, which was followed by secondary education at Christ’s College, Finchley”, and the encouragement to “simply contact the school or have this confirmed by Tony Anthony’s mother” have been freely placed in the public domain. I have seen correspondence from the Children’s Service Directorate in relation to Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School (purported as being the primary school Tony attended)  and from Christ’s College Finchley which Tony did attend in his early teenage years. The contents of these documents oppose the claim Tony was schooled for his entire life in the UK. A point to note is that Taming the Tiger does not claim that Tony grew up exclusively in China and mentions he did return to the UK on several occasions during his 8 years of living there (see page 45) click to view scans of: