Question 21

What were the locations in China where Tony Anthony trained in Kung Fu and the association or associations which awarded him his martial arts awards?

I asked Tony to explain this to me and this is what he said: “I trained primarily in the place near to where I was raised in Huizhou in the Guangdong province near to the Luofu Mountains of Southern China. In “Taming the Tiger” we state that the organisation I worked with was called the International Kung Fu Federation” (IKFF).  The actual name has been changed to protect the identity of those involved.  It is worth noting the organisation is not the sort that advertises itself on Social Media platforms or via the world wide web. Secrets are very rarely uncovered using internet searches, particularly when trying to unearth what are more or less secret societies and highly illegal, closed-door fighting competitions.  Most of the competitions were “underground” to the non-Kung Fu elites.  It is my understanding the organisation, would most likely wish to remain as ‘hidden’ as possible.”