Question 2

Is “Taming the Tiger” a true story or is it built only on the foundation of his word with absolutely no concrete evidence to support it?

It is my firm belief Taming the Tiger is a true story and that there is sufficient concrete evidence to support it. Some aspects relating to the finer details in the book have been changed to protect the identity of individuals and/or groups referred to. A clear disclaimer stating: “Some scenes within the manuscript have been dramatised with authentic, though not necessarily actual dialogue, and to protect the author and his family, and the rights of those whose paths he has crossed – some of the names, places, and details of the events have been altered.” appears in more recent editions of Taming The Tiger, as is common practice in publishing similar literature. Before Taming the Tiger, Tony had no experience in writing.  He has no qualifications in writing nor does he have an ‘O’ level or ‘A’ level (or equivalent) in English.  When he was asked to put his life story and testimony onto paper, he was completely reliant on the guidance given by his publisher (Authentic Media) and appointed ghost writer (Angela Little).  Unfortunately, the need for highlighting that names of people and places were changed etc was not discussed/explained and an appropriate disclaimer was therefore omitted in earlier editions of the book. Ghost writing is skilled and involved.  Robin Lloyd-Jones (award-winning writer of novels, short stories, non-fiction books and radio drama) was contacted to seek guidance on the opinion that Taming the Tiger is not a true story.  He has a copy of the book and encouraged us to make available an article he published in December 2013, which explains ghost writing. Click to view:

From the testimonies, documents and witnesses referred to in these questions it is clear there is much external evidence to support the story of Taming the Tiger. Due to the nature of Tony’s life journey and events, there are areas that would be at best unwise to disclose to the general public.