Question 34

Why has Tony Anthony stopped practicing Kung Fu?

When asked about this, Tony shared the following: “There are several reasons why I have decided to stop practicing Kung Fu or any other form of Martial Art These are as follows:

  1.  “The Spiritual Background.A majority of Western World Martial Arts are taught to students without any emphasis on the spiritual background.  On face value, this sounds reasonable and harmless, however many of the rules, moves and positions taught derive from prayer positions relevant to Buddhist and Taoist beliefs and practice.  To integrate these into my life would be dishonouring to my Lord Jesus Christ.  It would open the way for potentially harmful influences to access my life and mind.  The Bible teaches that we should not worry about anything, commit everything to God with thanksgiving and that His peace will guard our hearts and minds (Philippians 4 vv 6 – 7).  Allowing the influences previously mentioned to access my heart and mind would be of no benefit for me and detrimental to my walk with Jesus.  There are elements of Kung Fu which emulate idolatry: the deeper a Kung Fu student progresses, the more they are required to give the Martial Art ‘power’ over their life.  The Bible teaches I am to have only one Lord – Jesus Christ, to whom I have given my whole life.  It would be impossible to meet the requirements of living a life devoted to Jesus and to Kung Fu.  I owe Jesus everything and therefore choose to leave the practice of Kung Fu in my past.
  2. From the Bible, Jesus doesn’t seem to teach self defence  Education in self defence techniques is a common reason for becoming a student of Kung Fu and other Martial Arts.“When confronted with those who arrested Him, Jesus’ response was as one who was submitted to The Father’s supreme authority over His life.  His disciple Peter used a sword to cut off the ear of a member of the arresting body.  Before healing the injured man, Jesus said “Put your sword back in its place, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.  Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and He will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?” (Matthew 26 vv 50 – 53).“I see no justification in preparing for retaliation and self-defence.  On the contrary, Jesus taught us to ‘turn the other cheek’ (Matthew 5 v 39 & Luke 6 v 29) and to bless those who hate and curse us (Matthew 5 v 44 & Luke 6 v 28).  The apostle Paul underscores this teaching in Romans 12 v 14 whilst living under the threat of losing his life because of His service to Jesus.“It is my choice to focus on investing in the development of my relationship with Jesus and to distance myself from anything (including Martial Arts) which might hinder this.
  3. “The Bible teaches I should put my trust in God alone and not in anything else (I believe this includes my own abilities).Martial Arts can provide self confidence in physical and spiritual abilities and power over situations and other people.  The Bible encourages and instructs that we should trust only in God as He promises to supply what we need in every situation (e.g. Proverbs 3 vv 5 – 6, Psalm 20 vv 7 – 9, 2 Chronicles 20 vv 1 – 37, 2 Kings 6 vv 17 – 20 and Matthew 10 v 19).“Previously, I walked through some very ‘shady’ places in this world and genuinely felt no fear because of what I knew and could do to someone.  Now, because I belong to Jesus I can walk through “…the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil…” because God is with me (Psalm 23 v 4).

“I am not saying God will not work through someone who is involved with Martial Arts.  What I am saying is, from the Bible and from having studied Kung Fu to a very advanced level, it is my preference and choice to turn away from it.  I saw what following the way of King Fu did to my own character and am not proud of what I became.  Each individual must discern for themselves what they should do before God.” Click to view: