Question 37

Pages 206-207 in “Taming the Tiger” state “Very early the next morning, there was a loud knock at the door. I leapt out of bed and ran downstairs. Half a dozen policemen with dogs barged in as I opened the door…We couldn’t tell our story fast enough. No more lies. We were both desperate to spill out the details of this dreadful accident.” Is this true?

From speaking to both Tony and to Sara, this event took place early in the morning and abruptly woke them.  Tony opened the door to several members of the police who made their way into the house.  Tony was instructed to get Sara, who came down to see them whilst wearing her night clothes and dressing gown.  They were then instructed to get dressed and told that they were required at the police station to provide answers to questions. Both said the whole experience was just the police doing their job but that their experience was that of shock, fear and relief. Tony and Sara vividly remember the experience at the police station.  Both were placed in individual holding cells.  Their shoes were taken from them.  Sara was examined by a doctor.  She was expecting Ethan and had previously been off work due to the pregnancy making her significantly unwell. Sara and Tony both said they were glad to answer the questions asked.  Sara said she was also horrified at the whole situation.  She had been brought up in a Christian home and had never imagined in her wildest dreams she would be faced with this situation and all that unfolded. It is understood the police said they did not bring dogs with them.  Sara does not remember there being any dogs.  When we asked Tony about this he said, “I apologise if this information is incorrect.  The whole event came as a shock.  I honestly did not mean to mislead anyone.” Whether or not dogs were present is a minor detail.  The main facts remain that police came early in the morning to take Tony and Sara to the police station so they could answer questions.  This was the beginning of a long legal process of which each of them indicated they are not proud. Both of them have received and served their sentences.