Question 12

What happened to Tony Anthony’s mum and dad?

Tony’s father died on 29 September 2011. As far as Tony is aware, his mother is living.  He is currently unaware of where she is living. Tony had had no contact with his parents.  A friend of Tony’s mother found his contact details through his Facebook page and contacted the then office of Avanti Ministries Ltd to inform him of his father’s death.  A member of his team passed the information on to his wife who arranged for the information to be passed on to Tony (on a mission at the time). As Tony’s mother didn’t have any church connections, Tony volunteered to take the service. Click to view scans of:

I have chatted at length to Sara Anthony about the contact the family have with Tony’s mother.  She told me that following his extradition from Cyprus, Tony had no contact details for his parents as they had moved.  His parents did not attend their wedding. Sara explained Tony eventually learned by “chance” where they were living and he arranged to take Sara to visit them.  She noted this was a very strained visit. When Ethan was a babe in arms, Tony and Sara made an impromptu visit to give Tony’s parents the opportunity of meeting their grandson.  She indicated this was also a very strained and challenging visit.  This is the only time Tony’s mother has seen Ethan and she has never met Jacob. Sara added while Tony clearly found renewing contact with his parents emotionally challenging, he has worked hard at trying to build a relationship with them. To date (13 August 2015) the last contact Tony had with his mother was by telephone in June 2013.  Sara shared that his mother suddenly and abruptly brought that telephone conversation to an end and has not made any contact since then.  Tony’s mum has the family telephone numbers and is aware that she has 2 grandsons.  This highlights that the relationship between Tony and his mum is very much broken.