Question 7

The claim that Michael Wright was a stranger appears to be inconsistent with what Tony Anthony shares with his live audiences. On page 110 of “Taming the Tiger” Tony Anthony says that he had already heard of Mr Wright prior to his imprisonment from members of a church group who told him: “You must come round and meet Michael Wright… He’s from Northern Ireland but he lives here now. You two would really get on.” Then on page 135 of “Taming the Tiger” a fellow prisoner called Andy says he should get in touch with Wright. Why does Tony Anthony so frequently say that he got an unsolicited letter from a stranger who had seen his picture in the newspaper and wanted to say “hello”?

It is clear from Michael’s letter, from my discussion with Michael and from other video interviews, currently in the public domain that Michael did not meet Tony before he was incarcerated in Nicosia Central Prison. Click to view: