Question 35

Please provide evidence that it is very common to start training at such a young age as Tony Anthony claims and to become a master of Kung Fu from the age of 14?

The examples below demonstrate ‘serious’ Kung Fu training is recommended to begin between the ages of 4 – 6 (inclusive).  They also show formal Kung Fu master training within the temple can commence between 7 – 8 years of age.

Example 1: Question:

  • What age do you start children?


  • We offer age-appropriate instruction for children starting at age 2 in our Mommy & Me Program; ages 3 – 5 in our Little Pandas program; ages 5 ½ -7 in our Tigers program; and ages 8 – 13 in our Dragons program.  Teenagers are usually placed in our Adult/Teen program for ages 14 & up.  Please give us a call to schedule a free trial class and consultation.”

Example 2: Question:

  • Do the performers get injured very often?


  • “Although the odd minor injury may happen, the Warriors have been fully trained since they were very young.  As most of them began their training as young as 4, they’ve established all the tips and tricks needed in order to ensure their optimum safety.  They’re also incredibly strict in their meditation and physical preparation before each show.”


  • The Warriors display a truly incredible amount of skill and timing in their performances.  How many years of training does such mastery take to achieve, and at what age does a Master usually begin his training?


  • “They start basic training from the age of 4 with serious training from the age of 7.  With such intensive training (6 hour a day every day) mastery can take just 5 years, however this would equate to many years training elsewhere.”

Tony forwarded the following to us: Example 3: The following are random examples from the Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School China of masters starting their training between the ages of 3 and 8.  (I apologise for some of the misspelled words below – the site translated the Chinese characters to the English below).   “Master Shi Yan Hao (Huang Shifu), a 34th generation Shaolin Disciple, was born into a Kungfu family and started to learn Kungfu from his father at the age of 3. He went to the Shaolin Temple in 1996 and became the apprentice of Abbot Shi Yong Xin. He later joined the Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk group in 2002 and is now one of the main coaches. He is highly skilled at Shaolin traditional fist forms such as Shaolin Xiaohong Quan, Dahong Quan, Xiaopao Quan, Pao Chui, Qixing Quan, Meihua mantis, Chang Hu Xinyi Men, Taizu Chang Quan and with weapons like broadsword, straight sword and staff etc. Master Shi Yanhao is also very accomplished in the internal martial arts of Taichi, Bagua and Baji. He has been to the USA, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, the UK, Korea and to Thailand many times for performances and teaching.” “Master Shi Yan Jia (Wei Shifu) a 34th generation Shaolin Disciple of the current Shaolin Temple Abbot Shi Yongxin, came to the Shaolin Temple to learn Shaolin Kungfu from the age of 8 years old and stayed there for a further ten years. He is currently ranked at level 7. He has 8 years of experience in teaching Kung Fu to international students from all over the world and giving performances to many people. In the 1st national Shaolin Kung Fu competition he was awarded first place in traditional Shaolin Fist form and Shaolin Spear form. At the 9th Sports Meeting in Henan province, he also won first place for his Shaolin Staff routine, and in the championships of Zhengzhou, he came first in the Traditional Sword form category.” “Master Shi Yan Jiong (Master Zhao), 34th generation warrior monk, disciple of the Shalin Temple Abbot Shi Yong Xin. He masters one of the 72 shaolin scret skills: two fingers hand-stand, and specializes on Drunken styles, Wing Chun, Fanzi fist (翻子拳, a traditional fist, Damo staff and long handled broad sword. He ranked 6 band in the 9 band system of Shaolin Kung Fu. He went to the Shaolin Temple when he is 8 years old. In 2000, He is selected to be a member of 1st international stage play <少林雄风>, which makes him to show his skills in around 30 countries. In 2002, he won the first place of Shaolin fist in the competition of the Shaolin warrior monks.  In 2006, by his excellent performance, the Abbot assign him to be a coach in the Shaolin warrior mink team.  In 2012, another stage play <> invited him to join in.. The play has a tournament around 46 countries. September of 2012, he attended 1st European Shaolin Cultural Festival Kung Fu Text Conference In Berlin Germany as a VIP.” “Master Shi Yan Shuai( Master Zhang), 34th generation warrior monk, disciple of Master Shi Yong Di. started his Shaolin training in 2000, when he is seven years old. He ranked 6 band in the 9 band system of Shaolin Kung Fu. He is good at three section staff, scorpion style and Shaolin broad sword. 2005 he won second place on three section staff , 1st place on Shaolin broad Sword in the A class school’s competition in Deng Feng. 2006, he earned 1 st prize on Scorpion form and 2nd prize on Shaolin traditional fist form in the sports meeting of Deng Feng city. From 2007-2010, he accompanied his master on the oversea visits to Singapore, Indonesia, and other South East countries. His fantastic forms are warmly welcomed by the local people. From 2010 on, he started this career as a Shaolin master, and now has students from nearly 20 countries.” “Master Shi Yan Zheng (master Han), 34th generation warrior monk, 6 band, excellent coach of the important team in Tagou Martial Arts School.  He started his Kung Fu journey in 1998, wheh he is eight year old.  After eight years, he gratuated from the professioanl team in tagou school ranked the 2nd place.  His best skills are Shaolin Fist form, Broad sword and staff.  Here are some competitions he attended: 2002, he won first places of Shaolin Staff and Broard sword on A class school’s competition in Deng Feng., 2004, he attended the International Martial Arts Festival and is Champion for Traditional Shaolin fist. In 2005, he competed in the National Shaolin Kung Fu Competition and earned the 2nd prize for his Shaolin Staff.  In 2006, his mother school invited him to be a Kung Fu master for advanced students.” This could also be verified by making contact with the Shaolin Temple in China, Deng Feng Shi, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, 452470.