Question 22

How can Tony Anthony have done so much in such a short space of time? It is just impossible for anyone to go through so much in their life. Tony Anthony is only in his early forties, so how can any of his stories be true?”

Tony has shown timelines of his life which clearly map out the significant events when they took place.  It would appear that on reading Taming The Tiger, some people have interpreted it to mean each event ran one after the other.  Tony’s Timeline demonstrates that many of the events referred to ran concurrently. Click to view a scan of:

Tony is a man who works hard and has notable stamina.  Those who work closely with him testify of his ability to cram an unusual and significantly large amount of work into his day/week/year and into his planned itineraries.  Those who work alongside him share they find his energy amazing.  This ability, strength and endurance is in keeping with the pace of life Tony records in Taming the Tiger.