Question 8

Tony Anthony was not raised by his grandfather in China, because his grandfather died before Tony Anthony was born. How do you explain this?

Speaking from my own family experience, I have close friends my son and daughter refer to as ‘uncle’ and ‘aunt’.  While my son and daughter are now adults, they continue to refer to these people in this way, though they now understand there is no biological connection with these ‘uncles’ and ‘aunts’.  I myself am referred to as ‘Papa’ by children of a close friend of my son.  When they were really small, they did not question the fact they had 3 ‘grandfathers’. Small children will use the names they have been taught in their reference to people.  Tony was introduced to Cheung Ling Soo (Lowsi) (see page 19) as his grandfather.  It is completely reasonable to conclude as a 4 year old, he would have had no cause to doubt this information.  Our understanding of the people who make up our families is generally based on the information given to us.