Question 9

It has been said that “Globe-trotting evangelist, Tony Anthony and his wife Sara tour the world together”. Is this true?

No, this is not true.  Sara has accompanied Tony on a few UK based ‘trips’ and 3 overseas missions.  As a working mother, Sara’s time is spent caring for the needs of her sons.  She is a primary school teacher and works on an almost full-time capacity, looking after their family and their home when Tony is fulfilling his speaking/teaching/preaching engagements.  ‘Globe-trotting’ has an inference that Tony travels the world for pleasure.  Tony’s previous PA and administrators testify to his rigorous practice of booking flights as close as possible to the first and last meetings scheduled.  In addition, he expressly asks those arranging his itinerary to fill it with as many ministry engagements as they can.  He requests that no sight-seeing trips are planned. click to view scans of:

Faye Porter

Tony almost always travels with a colleague to promote working in partnership for the Gospel and for accountability purposes. If Tony is away from Sara and his boys, it is for the express purpose to ‘further the Gospel of Jesus Christ’.