Question 14

Tony Anthony’s father/dad: a)-Is not Italian, but Greek Cypriot. b)-Is not Italian, but is in actual fact from Cyprus. Are these statements true?

No.  Tony’s father was not a Greek Cypriot.  While his father was born in Cyprus (as seen in Tony’s birth certificate), Tony’s paternal grandfather was Maronite, and his paternal grandmother was Italian. In Tony’s recollection, his father referred to himself as being Italian as the Maronite community in Cyprus do not consider themselves to be Cypriot or Greek Cypriot. The Maronite community are a recognised religious minority on Cyprus and the community have a formally elected ‘person’ who sits in the House of Representatives to voice their interests.  As I have previously said, they do not consider themselves to be Greek Cypriot. Although Athanasiou is a common Greek Cypriot name, as stated Tony’s father was not Greek Cypriot by origin of nationality and the family religion (Catholicism) further verifies this.  Greek Orthodox is the predominant religion amongst the Greek Cypriot population.  Catholicism is the indigenous religion to Italian and Maronite religious communities which share the same doctrine whilst retaining their own liturgy and following his demise, Tony’s father’s funeral took place in a cemetery chapel – not in a Greek Orthodox church.  Click the link below for more information on the Maronite community in Cyprus:

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