Question 40

Is Tony Anthony’s testimony false in any way?

When I met with Tony, he told me his testimony as told in Taming the Tiger is not false.  We discussed the fact that it was written 10 years ago and during that time some details have come to light that require correction.  He showed me his copy of Taming the Tiger which is marked up indicating these and areas where there are a number of editorial mistakes and historical inaccuracies which have also come to light since it was published.  These mistakes are just that – ‘mistakes’. Tony summarises it like this:

  • The story was written based upon the knowledge that I had at the time of writing.  I recognise there are elements which now need to be changed since more information came to light from research since the death of my father and renewed contact with my mother.
  • Names, places, and details of the events have been altered to protect my wife, my family, myself and the rights of those whose paths I have crossed.  All revised editions will include a clear disclaimer: This book tells the true story of Tony Anthony. Some scenes have been dramatized with authentic though not necessarily actual dialogue, and—to protect the author and his family, and the rights of those whose paths he has crossed—some of the names, places, and details of the events have been altered.’
  • There are minor errors in the structure of the narrative and a few dates are in the wrong place.  These have been corrected for the revised edition:
  1. p15/para3: (Correction) – ‘there was an   inci-’ – remove space
  2. p16: (Addition) – to explain more about the Chinese Cultural Revolution
  3. p16: (Addition) – to explain that Lowsi was not my biological grandfather
  4. p18/para1: (Correction) – Change Lo han quilo to Gweilo
  5. p19/para2,3: (Restructure)
  6. p20/para4: (Correction) – Change Shaolin Temple to Temple
  7. p25/para3: (Correction) – Change rooster to pig
  8. p27/para2: (Correction) – Change ‘Lai-see’ to ‘ang pow’
  9. p31/para3: (Correction) – Change 6-year-old to 7-year-old
  10. p32/para1: (Correction) – remove ‘dim lo’
  11. p40/para4: (Addition) – to explain that the white tiger was albino
  12. p41/para4: (Correction) – Change ‘tiger’ to ‘basic’
  13. p43/para1: (Correction) – remove ‘horse’
  14. p43/para2: (Correction) – Change ‘Hanshan Si’ to ‘Lofu’
  15. p47/para4: (Correction) – Change ‘after’ to ‘before’
  16. p52/para2: (Correction) – Change ‘kneeing’ to ‘kneeling’
  17. pp65&66: (Structure) – The timing of this section is out of order and needs to come after page 68
  18. p65/para4: (Correction) – Remove the words ‘once in Thailand and twice’
  19. p68/p4: (Structure) – The timing of this section is out of order and needs to come before page 65&66
  20. p102/para2: (Correction) – Change ‘Lefkosia’ to ‘Nicosia’
  21. p121/para2: (Correction) – Change ‘1989’ to ‘1990’
  22. p140/para3: (Correction) – Change ‘1990’ to ‘1991
  23. p165/para2: (Correction) – Change ‘1990’ to ‘1991’
  24. p206/para2: (Correction) – ‘A few days later we took’ – Change ‘we’ to ‘I’
  25. p206/para2: (Correction) – ‘a Policeman had pulled up on his bicycle’ – Change ‘bicycle’ to ‘motorcycle’
  26. p212/para4: (Correction) – Change ‘June’ to ‘July 2001’
  27. p240/para3: (Correction) – Change ‘Sarah’ to ‘Sara’
  28. p245/para3: (Correction) – Change ‘’ to new contact details.

The above corrections etc do not take anything away from Tony’s testimony. There are a few details from my background that I wish to keep private and confidential due to the sensitive nature of my past.