Question 33

Tony Anthony uses a false date of birth and this can be seen on his wedding certificate where he has used a false date of birth. Is this true, and can you explain this?

Tony does not use a false date of birth.  A clerical error was made by the Civil Servant who wrote Tony and Sara’s wedding certificate in July 1995.  This error was not noticed by Tony and Sara who were married for almost 9 years before the writing and publication of Taming the Tiger.  There is no evidence of any ignoble intention regarding this.  Further, since leaving Nicosia Central Prison, all of Tony’s passports record his actual date of birth.  An amended copy of the wedding certificate has been obtained. Click to view scans of:

A question was raised regarding a discrepancy on an Avanti Ministries Annual Return to Companies House.  While Tony was the Founding Director of the organisation, his responsibilities were specifically for the practical ministry.  He was never the Company Chairman or Company Secretary and therefore never completed or submitted any Annual Returns, which was the role of the Company Secretary.  When the Company was first incorporated, all personal identification details were correct (see an extract from the 2004 Annual Return).  An amendment was submitted in 2005 because Tony and Sara had changed address and at this point his date of birth was entered incorrectly (see an extract from the 2005 Annual Return).  As stated, Tony did not complete or submit this form to Companies House (I have seen the handwritten amendments and signatures on both submissions).  It is unfortunate that this error went unnoticed for so long.  To correct this detail, Avanti Ministries contacted both the Charities Commission and Companies House to update their records. Neither organisation required any amending documentation as Tony was no longer a Director of the Company.  Click to view: