Question 24

During roughly half a decade before prison Tony Anthony was an elite bodyguard for “some of the world’s most powerful people”. Therefore, his international career would have begun in his early teens? How does that work?

Tony explained it like this: “For context, within the first 11 years of my education in Kung Fu, I underwent extensive training in:

  • Kung Fu theory
  • Hundreds of traditional Kung Fu forms

I specialised in traditional Kung Fu animal styles which included tiger, eagle, snake and leopard.  My specialism also took in Southern Fist, Southern Staff and Southern Sword.  By the age of 14, I had been given students of my own. “The success of my ‘Grandfather’s’ intensive training was what led to the Close Protection Assignments beginning when I was aged 16 years and 8 months.  The career was short, lasting around 2 years.  My appearance was not in any way intimidating which was considered to be very useful, given the various skills my ‘Grandfather’ instilled into me. “The highest possible standard of Kung Fu taught in China greatly exceeds the Kung Fu training generally offered in Western culture.  It wasn’t unusual for children to begin training in Kung Fu at an even earlier age than I did, nor was it unusual for students to engage in competitions and combat deemed to be ‘underground’. “There are ethnicities within the world which often bypass the childhood phase of a person’s upbringing and engage children in training for purposes of violent intent.  The most obvious example that comes to mind is the children trained in military combat.  The style differs from the training I underwent, but the overarching principles are very similar – rearing children to be entrenched in the preparation for fighting and protection. For further reading see:

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