Question 18

How was Tony Anthony able to get across to China as a child during the Cultural Revolution and why was this not mentioned in the book?

There wasn’t a state of turmoil in China in the mid-1970s.  The country had joined the United Nations in 1971 and was visited in 1972 by the then President of the United States of America, Richard Nixon. A small/young child is very unlikely to have a focus ‘outside’ their own world.  It is most likely Tony would have enough to contend with following his shock at being taken from England to China by strangers.  The politics of the countries he had lived in at such a young age would be of little or no consequence to him. Despite the sophisticated security measures in the modern world today, what is now referred to as “human trafficking” across country borders remains an elusive issue which is actively pursued by government authorities.  Over 35 years ago, when Tony was a child, border security measures were not as robust.  This would have made it easier for the adults who were responsible for transporting him to get him in and out of China.