Question 27

Some have alleged that Tony Anthony would have been 14 when he started working for the Saudi Ambassador in London. He would have been 11 or 12 when he acted as the bodyguard to the American businessman involved in a hostile takeover in Saudi Arabia, which would not have been legally possible until November 2011.

Tony’s timeline shows he was 16 years and 8 months when he operated as a bodyguard to the person he refers to as William (see page 77).  The timeline indicates he was 17 years old when he worked for the person he refers to as ‘Amin Fahed’ (see page 90) Tony was 19 years and 5 months when he began serving his Cypriot sentence in Nicosia Central Prison.  Taming The Tiger records that during his time there, inmates referred to him as a “boy” (see page 12).  Tony also states “I was still only very young” when considering an aspect of the Close Protection Work in which he was engaged (see page 71). click to view a scan of:

Michael Wright, Shane Desouza, Tony Anthony in Nicosia Central Prison Michael Wright and prisonsers in the Nicosia Central Prison Library