Question 30

“In 2001…I knocked a lady from her bike” This did not happen in 2001, but in 2000. Tony Anthony was convicted in 2001, 18 months later because of his persistence in perverting the course of justice. What is to be said about this?

This quotation is taken from page xiv in Tony’s book “Passion” (the date is no more than an error). Tony has also referred to the mode of transport from which he knocked the woman as being a ‘bike’ during some of his public presentations. There has been strong suggestion that his using the word ‘bike’ in reference to the accident is an attempt to make him look less ‘guilty’. According to the Chambers Dictionary, 12th Edition, in the context relating to transport the word ‘bike’ is a short form of ‘bicycle’ or ‘motorbike’. In Taming the Tiger, Tony refers to the vehicle with which he was involved in the accident as being a “Motorbike” (see pages 204, 205 and 207). I have seen no written reference to the word ‘bicycle’ or heard no verbal reference to the word ‘bicycle’ when relating to his accident, in his testimony. It is also clear from Taming the Tiger that Tony was a motorbike enthusiast (see pages 66, 97, 100, 123 and 187).  It is reasonable and conceivable a person who has an interest in motorbikes will refer to this type of vehicle as being a ‘bike’.  On page 97 he refers to police motorbikes as ‘bikes’ and on pages 100, 101 and 106 he also refers to his own motorbike as a ‘bike’.